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My Number System (social security and tax number system)

Japanese/にほんご   Chinese/中文
Tagalog/Tagalog   Portuguese/Português   Korean/한국어

 Starting this October, all people currently holding a Japanese certificate of residence will be moved over to the My Number system (a 12 digit number), which will be sent to each person’s house. Taxes, pension, insurance and welfare will all be affected, so regardless of nationality, everyone currently residing in Japan will be assigned an individual number.
 The utilization of this number will begin in January, 2017.

 Information on the My Number system (inclusive of social security and the tax number system) can be found on the Cabinet Secretariat home page in 26 different languages.

 The Social Security and The Tax Number System

 The Cabinet Secretariat Home Page in regards to the My Number Social Security and Tax Number system

 The English version of the documents (PDF File)

My Number Call Centre Information

 Inquiries about the My Number system can be done over the phone in different languages.

For foreign language correspondence (in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese)
  Please call this number 0120-0178-26.

For Japanese Correspondence
  0570-20-0178(For the National Connectivity Navi Dial (NTTs Japan-wide call handling service))

Reception Desk Operational Hours
  Weekdays 9:30 ~ 17:30 (Will not be available weekends, holidays, and the New Year's holidays)

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