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Yorisoi Hotline “Helpline for Foreigners”

Yorisoi Hotline “Helpline for Foreigners” (multilingual consultation for foreigners)

 Yorisoi Hotline, opened by General Incorporated Association Social Inclusion Support Center, offers consultation on daily life problems and 4 other special consultation services: Helpline for Foreigners,” "Helpline for women suffeing from sexual and domestic violence," “Helpline for sexual minority,” and "Helpline for suicide prevention."

 Currently, there is a dedicated line for those are living in disaster-stricken areas. Those living in Iwate, Miyagi, or Fukushima Prefectures can call the helpline from anywhere within the three prefectures.
 Information on Helpline for Foreigners (for those living in the disaster-stricken area only)

Call toll free at 0120-279-226

 You will hear a voice guidance. To call Helpline for Foreigners (consultation in foreign languages), press "2".

 Helpline for Foreigners provides consultation in four languages: English, Chinese, Korean, and Tagalog. The languages available vary depending on the day of the week and the time of day.

※To make a call from prefectures other than Iwate, Miyagi, or Fukushima, please call 0120-279-338.

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