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3.11 Fukushima Memorial and Restoration Prayer Event “Candle Night”

 On Saturday, March 11, the “Great East Japan Earthquake Memorial and Restoration Prayer Event” will commence.
 There are 5 locations around the prefecture where citizens may participate in the “Candle Night” event.

 For more detailed information please check the Fukushima Prefecture Home Page.

“Candle Night” locations
Fukushima City 17:30~ Machinaka Hiroba and Fukushima Station East Entrance Plaza
Koriyama City 17:30~ Big Palette Fukushima (Please Check the home page for exact times)
Shirakawa City 17:30~ Shirakawa Bunka Kouryuukan Kominesu
Aizu-Wakamatsu City 17:30~ Fukushima Prefectural Museum (Please Check the home page for exact times)
Minami-Soma City 17:00~ Minami-Soma Rest Stop

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