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Caution against moderate-temperature burns from smartphones

 According to an announcement by the Centre of People’s Living, there have been approximately 190 cases related to moderate burns in relation to heat generated by the bodies of smartphones and charging ports in the last 5 years.

 The Centre of People’s Living created a notice asking people to cut back on their phone usage should they notice a rise in temperature, and to wait until their phones had cooled down to use them again.

 If you have any concerns regarding products or services that relate to your life as a consumer, there are consumer centres all over the country you can consult with.
 The Fukushima Consumer’s Life homepage can be found here . 

 In the event of a consultation, over-the-phone interpretation is available.
 For supported languages and times, please contact the FIA ahead of time.
 Fukushima International Association TEL:024-524-1316



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