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Fukushima Sake Brewery Touring Stamp Rally 2017

Fukushima Sake Brewery Touring Stamp Rally 2017 is currently in progress

 The stamp rally is an event in which you can collect stamps at the various participating sake breweries within Fukushima.
 With 54 participating facilities (including sake breweries, local beer factories, wineries, and distilleries) those who participate in field trips, tasting sessions, and product purchasing are able to collect points. These points can be used to enter a lottery to win an overnight trip or various local sake.
 You can also participate on various social media sites such as Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter.

 Facebook   Instagram   Twitter

For more information, please follow the link below.

Limited time: Until Sunday, November 5th.

For further inquiries please contact Fukushima Sake Brewery Touring Stamp Rally Management Office
 TEL:024-521-2550 URL:http://www.fukushima-sakagura.jp/

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