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Minami-Soma’s “Soma Nomaoi” (July 29th to 31st)

 From Saturday, July 29th to Monday, July 31st “Soma Nomaoi” festival will be help in Minami-Soma City.

 It is a traditional festival that boasts approximately 1,100 years worth of history. One of its most famous events is a horseback riding capture-the-flag event, during which a flag is launched into the air via fireworks, and mounted warriors on armoured horses rush forward to catch the flag, and then carry it to a nearby shrine.
 Visitors can dress in the armour of horseback riding warriors, and experience a partial time slip into the Warring States Period. All of this makes Soma Nomaoi a popular festival among foreign visitors.

 For further details please check the Soma Nomaoi official homepage.

For further inquiries please contact the Soma Nomaoi Executive Commitee

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