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2017 Yui Yui Festival Booth Display Report

Date & Time:Sunday, September 17th 10:00~15:00

The FIA set up a booth at the Fukushima City International Association sponsored international exchange festival “Yui Yui Festival 2017” that happened on Sunday, September 17th. There was due concern over the passing typhoon, but despite the less than ideal weather, there were more visitors than last year!

 At the FIA booth, we asked for help from a Korean resident and a Pakistani resident to write visitors names in Hangul and Urdu and also hosted a card game which had participants changing difficult disaster related words into easy to understand English. Visitors took a keen interest in the unusual characters that made up their names, and were able to ask various questions to the foreign residents, thus participating in a casual yet meaningful cultural exchange.

 There were many foreign residents among those visiting the festival and those participating, hosting their own booths, displaying an event abundant in international character.

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