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Calligraphy Exhibition of Hanzawa Shisetsu in Fukushima City October 17~22

 With Fukushima as her focus, the calligrapher Hanzawa Shisetsu will be holding a calligraphy exhibition in Fukushima City’s Fukushima Terrsa building. There will be no entry fee.

Date:Tuesday, October 17th ~ Sunday, October 22nd
Place:Fukushima Terrsa 4th Floor Gallery
Entry Fee:Free

 For further details please check out the Fukushima Terrsa homepage.

 An event of note will be on Saturday, October 21st, when professional Koto performer Mayumi Heishi and professional Wadaiko performer Genki Endou will be performing in sync with Shisetsu Hanzawa for a Calligraphy and Music event.
 Check the Fukushima Terrsa homepage for more details regarding this event.

Event Name:Fukushima City Municipal Organizations Execution of the 110th Anniversary Project「Performance live in TERRSA Calligraphy and the Colour of Sound」
Date & Time:Saturday, October 21st 18:30~(Venue Opens at 18:00~)
Place:Fukushima Terrsa FT Hall
Tickets:500円(Tax Included) Free Seating
 ※Tickets are being sold at Fukushima Terrsa and Fukushima City Concert Hall.
  For further details please check the Fukushima Terrsa homepage.

For further inquiries regarding the Calligraphy and the Colour of Sound Performance, please contact the Fukushima City Promotion Corporation (Fukushima Terrsa) through the following information
 TEL:024-521-1500  URL:http://www.f-shinkoukousha.or.jp/terrsa/

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