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Accepting Applications for Meeting on Future Career Paths for Children with Foreign Roots (Fukushima

Accepting Applications for Meeting on Future Career Paths for Children with Foreign Roots (Fukushima City)

It will be a meeting for junior high school students with foreign roots and their parents or guardians, to discuss the student’s future career paths in regards to schooling.

For further details, please check the link below.

●Date and Time:Saturday, November 11th
  10:00~16:00(Third Year Junior High School Students)
  10:00~12:00(Other Than Third Year Junior High School Students)
●Place:Fukushima International Association Training Room
●Participation Fee:None
●Participants:For Junior High School Students with foreign roots, or those who have returned after spending time abroad, and their parents and guardians.
 ※It is also possible for those parents and guardians of elementary school students to attend.

(1)Explanation of Career Paths after graduation from Junior High School (Interpretation available in Chinese and Tagalog)
(2)Distribution of ”Fukushima Prefecture’s Guide Book to Entering High School” (Prepared by the Kooriyama Japanese Classroom)
(3)Presentation from High School Students with Foreign Roots
   Presenter:Students who entered and graduated from Fukushima Prefectural South (Minami) High School and Fukushima Prefectural North (Kita) High School through the Special Selection System for Foreigners.
(4)And others, such as consultation regarding future career paths.
(5)High School Entrance Examination Interviews and Composition Guidance (For Third Year Junior High School Students Only from 13:00~16:00)

※Please bring lunch for the third year junior high school students.

●Application Method:
Please send the following information by way of phone, fax, or email:
School Year
Country of Origin
Necessary Language for interpretation
Phone Number
People Attending (if someone is coming with you please include their name and relation).

●Sponsored by: Fukushima Children’s Japanese Network
●For further inquiries please contact the Fukushima International Association
 TEL:024-524-1315 FAX:024-521-8308

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