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Announcement for the 110th anniversary of Fukushima City’s crafts exhibition on November 11th and 12

You can experience various crafstmaking opportunities while receiving the expert guidance of the craftsmen themselves. There will also be Fukushima City’s representative crafts on display and in performances. It will be a fun event that anyone from the youngest children to the most mature adults will be able to enjoy.

-Date & Time-
Saturday, November 11th 10:30~16:00(Final Entry 15:00)
Sunday, November 12th 10:00~15:00(Final Entry 14:00)
☆On the 12th ONLY!! Mini Eel Rice bowl (unagi donburi) for the first 100 people (ticket distribution begins at 10:30)

A・O・Z on the 4th floor of Daiyu8 MAX in Fukushima City
Fukushima-shi, Soneda-cho 1-18

-Exhibition Contents-
○Display of Craftsmen’s Products, Pictures, and Recorded Sessions
○Performance by Craftsmen
○Craftsmen led Craft Making Session
※Reception and fee for Craft Making sessions will be dealt with at the individual booths
・Copper Sheet Making・Wooden Coaster・Mini Tatami・Housebuilding Ceremony・Paper Crafts
・Sparkling Mud Balls・Power Generation Construction・Ceramics Painting・Scented Sachet
○Display for Students of Job Training Sessions

-Simultaneous Exhibitions-
○Fukushima City Tourism Convention Association hosts a folk craft and handicraft corner
○Lecture「Movies and Our Lives」by the Craftsmen’s Association President Gou Tachibana
  Saturday, November 11th, 13:30~ in the Audiovisual Room

For more detailed information please follow the link below ⇒https://www.city.fukushima.fukushima.jp/plaza-kougyou/shigoto/sangyo/sangyoshinko/kougyoumeikou291101.html

-For further inquiries-
Fukushima City Industry Creation Promotion Office TEL024-525-4022

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