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Foreigners Guidebook to High School Advancement

Koriyama Japanese Class has designed a “Guidebook for High School Advancement” which explains Japanese education system, and the structure of Prefectural High School entrance exams. The Guidebook is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Tagalog.

The Guidebook provides information on the difference between public schools and private schools, characteristic areas of study, schedules up until exam day, necessary documents, the special selection for students of foreign roots, tuition, financial support for school entry, and many other good-to-know categories in relation to high school advancement..

It can be downloaded from the internet here.

For further inquiries please contact the Koriyama Japanese Class
TEL: 090-9634-9386  
EMAIL: koriyama.nihongo@gmail.com
Home Page: http://koriyama-nihongo.org

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