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Fukushima City’s Giant Waraji (Straw Sandal)

On February 11th, citizens of Fukushima City carried the 12 metre Giant Waraji to Haguro Shrine on Mt. Shinobu for what is known as the “Akatsuki Mairi” (Dawn Visit).
The “Akatsuki Mairi” is a traditional event that dates back to the Edo Period. The Giant Waraji was said to be made to fit the guardian Deva Kings of the Haguro Shrine and was then given to them as an offering.
The summer “Akatsuki Mairi” is the Fukushima Waraji Matsuri. This year it will be taking place on Friday, August 3rd and Saturday, August 4th.
For a look at the Fukushima Waraji Matsuri please follow the link below to an online gallery.

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