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Notification: The Great East Japan Earthquake Memorial Service and Prayer Ceremony for Revitalizatio

There will be a Memorial Service to offer condolences to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and to pray for the success of the revitalization of Fukushima. It will be taking place following the information below. In the evening there will be various candle night events.

【Great East Japan Earthquake Memorial Service and Prayers for Revitalization Ceremony】
1 Date:Sunday, March 11th 14:30~15:40
2 Place:Toho Everyone’s Culture Centre
(Fukushima-ken Bunka Centre) (福島市春日町5-54)

【Candle Night】
Fukushima Station East Exit Plaza (Fukushima City) 17:30~
Big Palette Fukushima (Koriyama City) 17:30~
Shirakawa Culture Exchange Building Comines (Shirakawa City) 17:30~
Shinmei Doori Special Location (Aizu-Wakamatsu City) 17:30~
Minami-Soma JUS Mall (Minami-Soma City) 17:00~
Taira Chuo Kouen (Iwaki City) 16:30~

For more detailed information please follow the link below.


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