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Multilingual Notification: Would you like to support English learning in Elementary Schools?

The Elementary School Foreign Language Activity Support Cooperation is currently recruiting English Activity Assistants (EAA) for English learning support in elementary schools in Fukushima City.

1.Application Requirements:
1)Must be living in or around Fukushima City.
2)Must fulfill one of the two following requirements
・Foreign Residents (from an English-speaking country) that is able to comprehend and converse in Japanese.
・Japanese citizen who has experience living abroad (in an English speaking country)

2. Positions Available:16

3. Application Deadling:Friday, April 13th

4. Application Method:
  Hand in your completed application form to the Fukushima City School Education Division (Fukushima-shi Gakkou Kyouiku-ka) counter. Application forms can be picked up from the same location.
  ※Once your application has been turned in, there will be a small investigation and an interview.

For further inquiries please contact the Fukushima City School Education Division directly by phone (TEL: 024-525-3782)

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