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Multilingual Information: Learning Japanese for Tomorrow!

A Japanese Class for foreigners is starting at the Nishigo-mura Culture Centre.
Anyone that would like to study Japanese is welcome!

Running Dates:
  Sunday, June 10th - 13:30~15:30
  Wednesday, June 13th - 19:00~20:30
  Sunday, June 17th - 13:30~15:30
  Wednesday, June 20th - 19:00~20:30
  Sunday, July 1st - 13:30~15:30
  Wednesday July 4th - 19:00~20:30
  Sunday, July 8th - 13:30~15:30

Location:Nishigo-mura Culture Centre 2nd Floor 1st Research Room

Participation Fee:Free!

Application Deadline:Tuesday, June 5th

For further inquiries please contact the Nishigo-mura Culture Centre

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