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GC Café 5月 Report

May 19th marked the first ever attempt at a cooking class for the Global Community Café. The class was conducted at AOZ Senior Active Learning Centre, where a cooking classroom was made available to us. In a spot of excellent luck, registration filled up a week before the day of the café! Together with 4 guest speakers from England, America, and New Zealand, everyone made UBC Ponderosa Cake, a coffee cake originating from Vancouver, Canada, the place of my birth. It’s really just a banana cake with chocolate chips and topped with a brown sugar and cinnamon crust that bakes into a nice crunch, and coffee cake in this context simply means a cake that goes well with coffee. With so many people in each group, baking went by smoothly, and allowed for ample time to discuss the topic of the day, which was travel problems and how to overcome them. Riding off of the great success of the cooking class, we’ll be holding the English cafés on Thursday, June 14th, and Saturday, June 16th, and can’t wait to see you all there! For more information, please check out our homepage, www.worldvillage.org

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