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Links to useful disaster prevention information

Japanese/にほんご   Easy Japanese/やさしい にほんご   Chinese/中文
Tagalog/Tagalog   Portuguese/Português   Korean/한국어

Listed here are the links to disaster prevention information provided in multiple languages and other useful information at the time of a disaster.
Japan Meteorological Agency   Japanese/にほんご   English
This is a portal website of information on weather, earthquakes and natural disasters.
Fire and Disaster Management Agency   Japanese/にほんご   English
You can check out information on large-scale disasters and announcements of damage.
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation   Japanese/にほんご   English
You can check information on disaster response and disaster prevention that are related with weather, rivers and roads.
Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice
Japanese/にほんご   English   Chinese (simplified Chinese characters)   
Taiwanese (traditional Chinese characters)   Korean/한국어   Spanish/Espanol
Information on immigration, visa status and other procedures is provided.
Council of Local Authorities for International Relations
Japanese/にほんご   English
Information necessary for foreigners to live in Japan is provided in multiple languages.
Multilingual Living Information  Emergencies/Disasters
Languages available: English, German, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Russian, Japanese (with furigana).
Information on support for foreign residents during natural disasters
Multilingual Information Creation Tools for Times of Disasters
Aichi International Association's "Translation System for Multilingual Disaster Prevention Information"
Information necessary during a disaster, such as information on disaster prevention and evacuation, will be translated into multiple languages.
Languages that can be translated into: English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish
Hirosaki University’s Sociolinguistics Laboratory
Necessary information will be provided in simple Japanese during an emergency or a disaster.
Fukushima International Association

  2-1 Funabacho, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture
  TEL:024-524-1315   FAX:024-521-8308

※"Emergency and disaster information" section will be set up on the top page of the website in case of an emergency or a disaster.

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