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    What do I need to do first if I am planning on living in Japan?

    First, you need to register your residence (juumin toroku) at your local municipal office. Also, ask them about health insurance and pension, which are both necessary for living in Japan.

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    Do foreign residents need to pay Japanese health insurance and pension?

    Yes, it is necessary if you are living in Japan for a long time. Once you are enrolled in Japanese health insurance, you will only need to pay a portion of the medical costs after receiving treatment at a hospital.

    Anyone over the age of 20 and living in Japan must essentially pay Japanese pension. When you retire, then you will receive pension. Even if you decide to return to your home country, you will still be able to receive a portion of the money back.

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    Where can I get job information if I am currently looking for work?

    You can find various information at Hello Work, an employment security office. You can also receive advice and support regarding job hunting.

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