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Pension Seminar & Consultation Session for Foreign Residents


On Saturday, October 1, a pension seminar and consultation session for foreign residents was held in Minamisoma City by the Director of Customer Relations from the Soma Pension Office.

Unlike regular pension seminars, this seminar was tailored to foreign residents. The following information and more was kindly explained for foreign residents: ‘The National Pension Plan has a 10-year enrollment requirement, however countries that have an agreement with Japan, such as the U.S. and the Philippines, can count the enrollment period in their home country as well’. ‘If there is a gap between when you enter Japan and when you find employment, you are required to join the National Pension Plan, and if you cannot pay the premiums, you must apply for a reduction or exemption, otherwise in a worst-case scenario you will not receive a disability pension or survivor's pension’.

Attendees were eager to ask questions, making for a productive seminar. Individual consultations were held after the seminar for those who wished to attend.
This seminar will be held again on October 15 (Sat) in Fukushima City and October 29 (Sat) in Aizuwakamatsu City. Please register if you are interested in attending.

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