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Fukushima through the eyes of a foreigner! Interview Vol.4


We asked foreign residents (and former residents) of Fukushima prefecture about their impression of Fukushima from a foreigner’s perspective.
They may see Fukushima in a different way from Japanese people!
We hope you will learn something new in this interview.

Name:Brad Wilson
Home Country:New Zealand(Christchurch)
    Drums(He has been practicing in Fukushima too!)
    Modding (Video Games)(He posts on YouTube!)
\ Let’s start!! /
【 Why did you come to Japan? ☻ 】
I work at the Fukushima International Association as a CIR (Coordinator for International Relations).
I just arrived in August this year.

I had lived in New Zealand all my life until I was 24.
When I finished high school I entered university, initially majoring in music.
Later, through my musical activities, I became interested in Japan and decided to change my major to Japanese.
In my third year of university, I participated in a short-term international exchange at Kyoto Sangyo University.
During this exchange, not only did my Japanese improve, but I also made many Japanese friends.
I still feel that it was an immensely valuable time for me to experience many things in Japan.

After returning to New Zealand and graduating from university, I decided to go back to Japan under the Working Holiday program.
I lived in Saitama Prefecture and worked as a teacher at an English conversation school.
Unfortunately, the coronavirus started spreading around the world, and I decided to return to New Zealand once again.
I am now back in Japan as a CIR!

【What brought you to Fukushima? ☻】
After I was hired as a CIR, I was assigned to work in Fukushima Prefecture.
I had never been to Fukushima Prefecture before, but when it came to Japan, I thought, "Let's go somewhere new!”.
I have always liked Japan very much. I think that Japanese culture and lifestyle suits me very well. My personality suits the Japanese people's tendency to value harmony and to care for others around oneself.
That’s why I had no worries about Fukushima and was looking forward to visiting a prefecture which I have never been to before.

【Do you have a favorite place in Fukushima☻?】
The best part is that all the people I have met so far have been very kind.
In rare cases when I had difficulty understanding something they said, they would rephrase it to make it easier to understand, you can tell they are thoughtful people.

I also had the chance to visit Inawashiro on a business trip.
I was able to see a lot of beautiful scenery and a relaxing atmosphere full of nature. Goshikinuma (five colour ponds) was also very impressive.

【Do you have any problems living in Fukushima☻?】
Around where I live, there are many underground walkways and I often feel like I have to go a long way around...
There are not many underground walkways in New Zealand, so it may be that I am not used to them.

【Has your impression of anything changed since living in Fukushima ☻?】
I feel that there is a lot more nature and many more interesting places than I had imagined there would be.
I have only been here for a few months, but I’m looking forward to visiting many more sights in the future!

Another thing is Fukushima is much more convenient to get to places like Tokyo than I had expected. I never feel like it is too far away.
It's easy to participate in events held in the Kanto area, so that's one of my impressions that has changed since coming here!


Brad has a calm atmosphere, a pleasant manner of speaking, and a gentle smile.
The drumming was a surprise! I hope you will show us someday☻
Thank you for sharing your love of Japan so perfectly!

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